How to create .NET Core desktop app and run it under Linux

Along with first .NET Core version Microsoft opened the framework and made it cross-platform. Thanks to this .NET developers can now easily run their websites and APIs on Linux, Android, Mac and so on. Unfortunately there is nothing like WinForms or WPF for .NET Core but that doesn't mean we can't create the front-end in a different framework.

I decided to give ElectronJs technology a try. It is successfully used in popular apps like Visual Studio Code, Slack and Tidal. It uses local Node.js runtime to host a website and displays it in Chromium. As a front-end library I used Angular 4 which is one of the most popular MVVM frameworks and has great support for shared services.

In this article I’m going to show, step by step, how I managed to setup an Angular 4 application which use locally hosted .NET C# Core 2.0 backend microservices run in Electron technology. Working example code can be found on my GitHub

HBase and Thrift in .NET C# Tutorial

You can learn here how to connect to and retrieve data from HBase using C# Thrift library. This article doesn’t cover methods of inserting and updating rows. This article assumes that you already have HBase set up and running along with Thrift node configured.