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Features And Algorithms

This library uses numerical calculator library so can handle same functions.

It can draw:
  1. Function
  2. Function derivative
  3. Function second derivative
  4. Function from differential equations
  5. Function from second order differential equations
  6. Fourier Transform
  7. Inverse Fourier Transform with cutoff


string formula = "exp(x/20)*(sin(1/2*x)+cos(3*x)+0.2*sin(4*x)*cos(40*x))";
int width = 640;
int height = 480;
double xFrom = -5;
double xTo = 5;
double yFrom = -2;
double yTo = 3;

Chart chart = new Chart(formula, width, height, xFrom, xTo, yFrom, yTo);

Image result = chart.Image;

Example application

Fourier Transform library example program also demonstrates usage of chart library.


Download: here


In this version you can't input list of points to draw the chart.


MIT License

Source code

Can be found on GitHub