Library that returns analytical formula of interpolated or approximated function.

Chart .Net Library

Chart Library Image
Library creates function charts from its formulas. You don't need to compute function values just input formula into this library and receive chart of function, its derivative or second derivative.

It can also draw function charts from first and second order differential equations.

Fourier Transform and Inverse FT are supported as well!

Monitor Process Profiles

Monitor Process Profiles Main Window
Application allows user to define brightness and contrast of the display for two predefined profiles: Normal Mode and Gaming Mode.

Numerical Calculator

Numerical Calculator main window
Main advantage of this program is that you can input complex formulas "as is". No need pressing buttons with functions or numbers. Just write it.
This is easy to use and free numerical .NET library that can compute text math formulas input. This library also include functions able to compute mean and proportion.
This library can compute first and second derivative. Also can be used to compute function value at given point.
This library is able to numerically resolve first and second order differential equations.
Fourier Transform library consists of two numerical functions. First one can transform function formula into fourier transform (list of points). The second one is inverse operation that changes list of fourier transform points into list of function value points.
Library for searching function root at given range.
Library for computing integrals.