After migrating to Windows 10 from 7 I had Wi-Fi internet issue. After some time (e.g., 5 minutes) my WiFi connection was reporting "No Internet". Reconnecting manually to the WiFi was fixing the issue. After digging some time in the internet I found out that this has something to do with IPv6 address assignment. If you don't need it you can disable it using the "Disable IPv6" tool from microsoft site.

Mirror on my site in case mentioned site is down: download.

People also reports that in some cases that helped to solve Ethernet issues in Windows 10.

Additionally I have installed the newest Broadcom drivers I could find for my bcm94313hmgb chip. It was broadcom_bcm_5.10.97.7 from this site: Broadcom BCM943XX/BCM43XX WLAN Driver for Vista